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A line of thinking to explain how a common trope dwarven city iconography could work.

Dwarven Cities, Wild Fae and Volcanic Venting )

U-Turn back to geothermal )
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My thoughts on the world outside the Nightlands are mostly vague, but that doesn't mean I haven't briefly thought about it, more than once.

Before and after Nightfall, and around the other side of the world )
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So now the High Elf file is posted, I want to start in on some of my random thoughts that I can't get myself to write something coherent.

Thoughts from the land of permanent night )

Well that was mostly dragons so far.
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Okay, so I have a rough outline of the real history of how the Nightlands came into existence, and want to lay it out.

The Three Stars, the Sun War and the Fall of Night )

That is a rough outline of Nightlands pre-history, how they really came to exist, and the part the Three Sisters had in it. Most common folk, both Human and Middle Elven, don't know this story. Nightfall is so far back (probably about ten thousand years before Current Era) that the events have become legend and myth. Some vague idea does remain in the stories of ancient magical wars, or Moon Goddess verses Sun God, but they have drifted far off the truth. The High Elves remember, as do the Queens of the two Fae Courts, but in the case of all those groups, they tend to keep the truth to themselves.

I don't have names for all the players involved either, and those I do have tend to be cribbed straight from LotR and RB-verse, as is language, with the Quendár language taking straight from Quenya and Kessír more from Sindarin.
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So I want a very rough outline of the Nightlands layout and maybe an overview of the dominant kingdoms, political powers, ethnic groups and notable creatures.

Who, What, Where... )
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I have a developing idea of another concept, though it does not contain nearly as much detail as the Nightlands one.

The basic idea is of a society that has, at some point in it's past, a divine war that resulted in all the gods being thrown out of the divine planes, and relegated to living as mortals, reincarnating over and over again.

The first and biggest effect of this is that any demi-god child and their descendants for several generations have a measure of divine ability - more commonly known as magic. Their magic also tends to follow what their divine ancestor is patron of - a water god will spawn water mages, a fire god will spawn fire mages, etc.
There are exceptions, but they are very rare. Magic pre-existed the divine war, but it was rare for humans to be able to channel it, with most magic-using being more people using magical objects or priests and clerics receiving divine aid.
However there has always been a goddess of magic, and her descendants can defy common patterns of reducing magical ability, with a mage being born four or more generations after the goddess but having demi-god strength. Descendants of the goddess of magic also have no perceptible alignment in their magic, potentially being able to cast anything and everything.

The second issue is that some of the gods can cause trouble when they become aware of their divine nature. This more than the issue of parenting mages has given rise to an order of Watchers who have taken up the task of keeping track of the gods when they incarnate, and if they start to cause trouble for normal people, kill them.

Some gods incarnate in certain family lines - usually the more reliable and predictable ones. Some have a tendency to incarnate in certain areas - a forest god gets born near a forest, a sea god is born in a coastal or island village, even a god of Justice tends to be born in a city because that is where law courts and universities that teach law are located. These gods are slightly more difficult to track, but often can be found before they reach puberty.

But the ones the Watchers are most concerned with are the ones with less definite patterns - random parentage, random location of birth.

Some Watchers have become so prejudiced about the gods they would prefer to kill them on sight and will find any excuse to get rid of them.

Meanwhile there are some gods who want to live unassuming lives, playing at being mortal, and then there are some who are vicious, violent, or scheming plotters who inevitably want to grab power and rule as tyrants. The former get misunderstood by prejudiced Watchers, when something drives them to defend themselves - like loggers trying to log the forest that is home to a forest deity and the deity trying to stop them - while often Watchers cite the latter as reason why all of the gods are dangerous, all of the time.


And now for PLOT! )
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I have an idea for a fantasy world that I have been going over in my mind for the last few months now and I want to get at least some of it down, somewhere.

Into the dark... )
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I've mentioned it a couple of times in connection to how Kataryia started seperating from Carol, but I feel should elaborate.

I will say this: this is old canon for Caroline Task, like, way back even before I made her one of my Space Police on the Base. This is back from the self-insert advantures I thought up when I was 14, so if the story is a bit daft, blame it on my age when I created it. I refuse to dump it from canon however, because even as daft as it is, it's so much a part of Carol, and is the only story I have for her fragments/soul-sisters, particularly Rachel. Never mind that Rachel has got new canon, that new canon works with the old anyway.

Anyhow, the Tolsaral is a very magic-steeped world that has all sorts of magically-caused weirdness in it. One of those things is the near-legendary Cave of Souls, which is reputed to hold a crystal for each and every living soul in the Tolsaral. Carol and her close friends (including my own avatar) decided to go looking for it, just for shits and giggles. Carol was young at the time, she was up for shits and giggles.

They found it.

The ones in the group who were Tolsaral natives went looking for their crystals and Carol found hers and started acting like a complete berk with it.

She dropped it. It shattered.

No, I make no excuses, Carol was an idiot about it.

Anyway, Carol was knocked into a coma, but the unexpected thing about it was the creation of dozens of "fragments" from it - people who represented parts of Carol's soul/spirit/personality who were linked to one of the pieces of the broken crystal. Rachel was the second largest piece (the largest was Carol herself).

Rachel at the start was not exactly sensible - the fracturing was a very traumatic experience even for the Fragments - and she thought Carol was dead, or as near to as to make no difference, and she was Carol's replacement. She wouldn't listen to anyone who said anything otherwise. They transported the comatose Carol back to Unicorn Valley, and Rachel takes over Carol's day-to-day duties, still convinced Carol is never coming back.

Carol wakes up.

This knocks Rachel for a loop and she goes a bit crazy and ends up running away. In the aftermath, Carol works out issues left behind by Rachel, and the other fragments (there's only a few that have names, Hagara Dracorine, a green dragon, Cyi-Alla Meharni, a telepathic cat, and a few others I don't recall off-hand).

Rachel is not seen for several years, until one day she turns up again, practically out of the blue. She's been off living somewhere, with folk who helped her come to terms with herself and work out who she is, instead of just thinking herself to be Carol 2.0. She settles into Valley life, find a place for herself, and she and Carol worj out how they relate to each other and become something like sisters, even refering to each other as such (at least up until they salt themselves into Earth-space society, where they set up their back-history to show themselves as first cousins).
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I feel I need to put the story of Nina, Tarlia, and their friends here, along with how they ended up involved in the dimension war, and how things unfolded after that.

A star and a maple leaf )


May. 4th, 2013 10:10 pm
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Just something that I have been turning over in my mind for some time:

Oraania's truest soulmate is not anyone who she might have been romantic with. It's Mareph.

Yes, he's her son, no it's not a romantic bond at all. He's her son, and they have always been close. He's helped care for her all his life, and she's done everything she can to be a loving mother to him, despite her problems. He found his romantic links elsewhere, but Khyi always understood how strong the bond between him and Orin is - Khyi's been there since before Oraania's kidnapping, she's seen the whole lot and supported Orin through it.


Actually there's a vague outline of a plot that is directly related to the progress of Mim and Mal's relationship. It has something to do with Orin and Mareph, and Mim's reaction after the event. I'm thinking now it's an internal matter - the hardline faction that Koldren was a part of, possibly with the added drama of [Iphignia] being a part of this latest attempt. Sure, it's a lot harder now since Mareph's an adult, a seasoned Knight of the Flame, and Oraania's sanity is a lot more stable than it's been in the past, but in my mind [Iphignia] is either worse than her husband used to be, or has become so after Malacus has started seperating himself from the hardline after Koldren's death, so even as hard as it is, she's advocating getting rid of the "infection" in Keeper society the Praadera family, with it's Nexus, Riftbeing and Demon sections represent.
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Malacus is older than Briieth.
Khyilenna is younger than Malacus but older than Briieth.
Andrion is younger than Briieth but older than Oraania.
Nathanius is midway between Oraania and Mareph in age.
Mimnristriqua is midway between Mareph and Cahdrisian in age.
Cahdrisian is older than Karnyimyia, but not by very much.
Kataryia is younger than Karnyimyia.

Nathanius was in adolescence when Mareph was born.
Mimnristriqua was a young adult when Cahdrisian and Karnyimyia were both born.
Karnyi was already "missing" when Kataryia was born.
Cahdrisian was still living in the royal palace when Kataryia was born. He was sent into hiding not long after.
The real reason Cahdrisian was sent into hiding is due to Koldren's political faction.
It was due to demands made about Cahdrisian that Nathanius finally ran away from home.

Plot has happened. Again.

Koldren Quaadreccorllon is dead. Old age. His wife is still alive.

Koldren's faction was the one who wanted to "mercifully" execute Oraania, and Mareph. Latter, after the end of the war, the same faction though Cahdrisian was practically as bad as Mareph, because he was half-Riftbeing. Threats were made, demands that Cahdrisian be "put down" were levelled. A few even wanted Ksalla executed for willingly laying with the Riftbeing.

It came to a head when an attempt to assassinate Cahdrisian was made, forcing Andrion to appeal to Khyilenna to take the child into protection. Even after that, threats were levelled at Khyilenna for taking the child, so Mimnristriqua took him into hiding similar to what she did with Karnyimyia. Khyilenna issued an official missive to the Keepers stating that any Keeper who attempts to attack the Nexus lands will be subject to Blood Feud between the People of the Flame and the responsible Keeper clan (and only that clan, as Khyilenna would not hold Andrion responsible for the actions of people who threatened his family, who Khyilenna considers her family as well).

It was in the aftermath of these events, and Koldren's role as one of the leaders of the faction in question (not to mention one of the voices that were saying that Cahdrisian was "defiled" and Andrion unfit to rule due to adopting him) that made Nathanius (Koldren's third son, Andrion's younger brother) leave and disappear from Keeper territories entirely, hiding in the cycle of lower Reality reincarnations.

Malacus's place in this was that he stayed silent, despite everything his father did. Both Andrion and Nathanius took this to mean he agreed with Koldren, but as Mim is starting to find out, that was not true at all. Malacus kept quiet because he knew that without Andrion to inherit the leadership of the family, Nathanius would collapse under the pressure of Koldren's closest allies, so Malacus would have to hold out, putting on a loyal face for his father so he would not be disinherited like Andrion was when he married Briieth.

Now that Koldren is gone, Malacus is slowly and carefully separating the Quaadron family from the hardline faction Koldren was involved in. It's not easy going, and Malacus's mother is constantly objecting to every move he makes.

Malacus doesn't agree with everything Andrion does, and was taken aback when Mim went and put Oraania and Karnyimyia in charge when she absconded with Andrion, but he is not speaking against Andrion anywhere near as much as Koldren used to.

It's a pity [Iphignia] is still holding the hardline against her second son, and by doing so is undermining her eldest son.

But Malacus now has a new ally in Mimnristriqua.

ETA 20/4/13: More Headcanon has happened.

Malacus was the one who made Kataryia disappear. His reason was the same as why he stayed silent - he did it to protect her from their parents. [Iphignia] was starting to raise Kataryia with all of the family prejudices and Malacus, who adored his baby sister, did not want that happening to her, so he hid her.

He did try to keep track of her but lost her when she ran into a piece of the Nexus Weapon. From there her insensible form ran into Karnyi in between reincarnations and they got tangled up and stayed so until Carol's soul crystal accident. Even then Kataryia did not regain her memory until after Koldren died. Malacus had also blocked her memory so she wouldn't try to come home, and hoping she was still out there, undid the block at his end after Koldren's funeral. It took a little while for it to take effect however - a process that may have spanned all of Nina's life (since that life marked Kataryia's separation from the Weapon as it joined with the last of it components and was then born as Tarlia), but the real effects have only become evident recently.

Bonus Plot:
In the time-travel AU, Malacus also receives future memories. He however wasn't present when Khyi and Mim did the time reversal, so he doesn't immediately understand what's happened, not until he has a chance to speak with Andrion. Mal misses Mim. They didn't have anything official up until then, but they had something going on and now Mal is coming to terms with the idea that Mim may have been his One.

Name List

Apr. 2nd, 2013 01:51 am
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Everyone )


Mar. 31st, 2013 08:49 pm
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Malacus is begrudgingly talking to Mimnristriqua.

This may be the start of something.

ETA 1:53 AM 2/4/13: Definitely something.
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I had a mental image of Harliquin, some time in her early years, coming to the Tolsaral to explore the Dycor. Of course she runs into Kitanya - the first time the two of them meet.

The prevelence of rainbow themes in Tolsaral magic would make it easy to draw links to Rift Fire, with it's tendency to manifest multi-coloured. I've decided that is due to three major causes - the most obvious one being the multiversal prehistoric flare of the original Great Fire, the second being Kitanya's presence stabilising and maintaining the Dycor, and the third...

Harliquin's hidden Rift alcove is hidden at the top* of the Dycor. It was at this first investigation, after her initial chat with Kitanya, that she found it.

I'm not sure if Kitanya was aware of it already, but she certainly supported Harliquin cutting it off from the main part of the Rift - Reality did not need back doors that could destabilise it if someone came through and attacked the Dycor from that direction.

* There are no true directions within the Dycor, therefore no true "up" or "down", but the other non-directional "end" of the Dycor is where the Dragon Lord sleeps, and Kitanya refers to that direction as "down", for brevity's sake.


Sep. 22nd, 2012 09:30 pm
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I had a sudden idea while contemplating a scene in my head.

A bit of explanation: After finally coming up with a Nathaniel 2.0 I was happy with by crossing my experimental Nathaniel with Andrion Praadeccoriam, I started to think of Nathaniel as Andrion's little brother, and even came up with a variation of his name, Nathanius Quaadron, to fit the role.
Then I put him in Riverview and ended up partnering him up with Don Lothario.

Prior to that, I'd already come up with a plot where Mortmer Goth and Bella Bachelor are avatars of Mareph and Khyilenna, though Mort is Khyi's avatar due to joke that Mim made about them swapping genders that Khyi went through with.
This was part of a plot where Mareph and Khyi get involved in their avatars' lives, and then Mareph ends up living with Mort for a while after Bella dies and can't be brought back by normal methods (see Sims 3 resurrections) while Khyi is trying to find out what is wrong.
What turns out to be wrong is that Demons tried to attack Khyi, but the genderswap actually managed to fool them, and they thought Bella was Khyi's avatar. The problem is whatever they did is still affecting Mareph, so Khyi is trying to fix that.

Meanwhile, Andrion finds out his baby brother is on the same Earth as Mort, living in Riverview, with a human boyfriend. Andri and Mareph go to see him, but while there Mareph detects the remaining traces of interdimensional travel, and faint traces of his own power and also demon power on Don. Between that and Don's reaction to Mareph's looks (hey, he and Mort are practically twins!) they decide to follow these traces back to Don's home dimension and find the version of Mortimer there (as well as reminders of Bella), who Khyi and Mareph hadn't intended to exist.

Mareph calls in Khyi, and they proceed to investigate these unauthorised alternates of their avatars, calling through the versions from Sunset Valley to merge temporarily with the Pleasantview versions (and also causing the P-view version to switch to the SV ones physically). All this happens in the presence of Nathaniel, a somewhat confused Don, a bitchy annoyed and confused Cassandra, and a confused and bemused Darren Dreamer (who's been dating Casssandra).

Turns out all the problems Khyi has been having fixing Bella has been because the enchantment using her as a conduit to drain Mareph has been linked to her P-view alternate's alien abduction and the magics that prevent her from being able to return home permanently.

So once Khyi manages to solve the problem, they all go out to spend an evening on the town, Orin, Brii, Mim, Tael, Tarlia, Nina and Jared turn up at the same club.

This isn't the problem.

The problem is the foursome of Carol/Jerry/Eric/Rachel. I'd decided that Nina is one of Rachel's incarnations, but a current incarnation of Eric has not shown up yet.

I got an idea of making Nathaniel be Eric.

Now the first problem is I am quite happy with him being with Don - I like the idea of Don settling down and mending his Casanova ways due to True Love. I don't want to go pull the proverbial rug out from under that.

The second issue is that if I went this way, it'd mean Eric has always been a lot more powerful than anyone knew, and has had his memories buried just as deeply as Karnimyia and Cahdrisian did, only I think Nathaniel would have done it to himself, because he's older than both of them - he's older than Mareph!

The problem is that despite these problems, I am still very tempted to go with it. Maybe Nathaniel is keeping things on the down low, because he does love Don, but he knows underneath that he's only got Don for a short time, while he'll always have Cahdri, Karnyi and Rach.

ETA: More Sims-induced crazy with this mess - Rach may or may not be Andrion and Nathanius's baby sister.

I made up a Quaadron family. Mother and Father Quaadron, wanker older brother, the Andri Nathan and... well I forget the name I put on her but she's an Exchange sim I named Caitie. She came with the surname Hartwood, not that in this context it applies (Caitie Hartwood could be an avatar though).

An idle theory for how she ended up as Rachel goes a little something like this:

[Caitie] was more like Andrion and Nathanius in that she was a bit of a rebel against the family, but she wasn't brave enough to walk out like her brothers did. She did go wandering every so often, to get away from the family, and while out one time, she found a piece of the Nexus doomsday weapon, and accidentally absorbed it (she didn't know what it was either). The piece sent her powers out of control throwing her across Reality and sending her into... a kind-of fugue state. Somewhere along the way her dormant spirit crossed paths with Karnyimyia and fused, getting buried deep in Karnyi.
They didn't start to divide again until the lifetime of Caroline Task, and her accident with her soul crystal.
From that point on she's been living as Rachel, thinking she only has reincarnations because she's a fragment of Karnyi.
At some unknown point of her ongoing reincarnating, she ends up gravitating to [...] Donovan, who is carrier to another piece of the weapon, [Caitie]'s piece however shifted to [her mother] before she was born as Nina. The combined section of the weapon now carried by [her mother] subtly drew in it's final piece, being carried by [Tarlia's bio father]*, giving rise to Tarlia, the living manifestation of the complete activated weapon.

* (Tarlia isn't the Morganstein of the two sisters, Nina's the Morganstein of the Donovan girls. I think Tarlia's father was a totally random office affair.)

Somewhere in the background Nina has not only gained access to her past life memories, finding out she used to be Rachel, but also gained access to [Caitie] as well.

Somewhere in the near future there is a meeting of the full Praadera Council called, where a recovered Briieth makes her first appearance since the fall of the Lock. [Caitie] appears, accompanying her eldest brother. Nathaniel catches her during a reccess and draggs her to a side room where Karnyi and Cahdrisian are waiting and there's a huge blow up because Nathanius Quaadron has just realised he's soulbond to his baby sister and the four of them need to come to terms with this. (And before they let Andrion know that his daughter is in a poly relationship with both her uncle and aunt.)

ETA 15/3/13: Quaadron names have finally been dug out:

Father - Koldren
Mother - Iphignia
Eldest Brother - Malcom
Little Sister - Katarina

Offhand, Koldren works fine. Iphignia needs to be replaced. Malcom already tentatively has Malacus. Katarina... not sure, but may be something like Kataryia.
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I am fast coming to the conclusion that the story behind Jason and Evander (reincarnations of Jerry and Eric) is basically a gangster scenario, with magic added in.
Read more... )
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New backstory:

Jerry's history of romantic entanglements now includes more than just his involvement with Tael. Retcon has now dictated an ongoing occasional intimacy with Eric Mirrilton.

This is not restricted to just their lives as Jerry and Eric.

Tael's most unsuccessful encounter with one of her husband's reincarnations is now known as Jason - Jay for short. Some time after the incident with Tael (which even he comes to realise he handled badly) Jay gets involved with some nefarious business (the exact nature remains vague in my mind), but something prompts a rival to call a hitman on him. Jay, having further explored his past life memories, recognises the hitman immediately and abducts him from the scene. The hitman is eventually revealed to be Evander Merritt, the younger brother of an influential sorceress, Monet Merrit, who was bound in a geas of service to Monet's enemies, partly as a way to control her.

However to Jay, he's the reincarnation of Eric Mirrilton, his best friend, some-time lover, and second soulmate (after Carol/Tael). Jay, who along with delving into his memories has also delved into his deeper powers (ones stemming from his higher dimensional background, though he is not fully aware of the Keeper/Riftbeing part of it) is able to break the geas and reawaken the bond between him and Evander.

When Monet - who has somehow reconnected with her own higher memories - finds out, she is rather amused, as well as relieved that Evander is free. She can also now wreck havok on the bastard who was holding her brother.

Tael, following a trace of Demon activity, briefly reappears in Jay's dimension. They talk, discussing the mess their last meeting was, the discovery of Evander, and the apparent total lack of any local incarnations of both Kharnimya and Rachel to complete the square of Jay and Evander's soulbonds.

Tael can only sympathise, because while she has Jarred, there has been no hint of Rachel or Eric yet. She does assure Jay that even if he doesn't find them in this life, there will be lives where all four are together.

However, Tael's comments are interestingly proven wrong when she returns to the Townhouse. She runs into Nina, who is there to see her sister. Tael recognises something under the traces of Tarlia's imprint on her sister - Nina Donovan is a reincarnation of Rachel Mirrilton neé Sinchi.

(Note: Any previous unresolved relationships Nina was in are now declared unsuccessful. As an incarnation of Rachel, her true soulmates are exclusively Tael, Jarred and an as yet undiscovered incarnation of Eric.)

Tarlia is left a bit puzzled by the resulting pile of Tael, Nina and Jarred.

Now all they need is to find Eric again...
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This is a side effect if the Sims. I tried to construct a new version of Nathaniel Cullen by mixing my previous reconstruction attempt with Andrion and the pre-made that Andrion was based on.

The resulting sim is not named Cullen like it's predecessor, but, in a fit of fancy, I named it Quaadron instead.

Quaadron is the family name of Andrion Praadeccoriam before he married Briieth Praadeccalla.

The side effect? Andrion now has a little brother who is just as much of a rebel against the Quaadron family as he was (probably idolizing his big brother as well). His full name is Nathanius Heilos Iys Quaadreccorilln.

He currently lives on Earth, pretending to be a normal human named Nathaniel Quaadron, and has recently gotten into a relationship with Don Lothario.

Andrion is not exactly impressed.


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