Apr. 26th, 2005 02:33 am
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*Locks door to personal suite within the House.*
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Well I've joined a new comm.

Yes Russ, I know I've been quiet but I have been more or less in the background with Baka and Mimi. I do know you have a few headmates that don't post to their lj's.

I would consider asking Gaia if she had the time to allow Elrohir to join but there's the point, does she have the time?

Anyway, the place looks fun, the fact that it's multifandom - as far as literary fandoms go - is good, means one can meet unique pups.

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The House of §trange has changed a lot since I first envisaged it and the major changes to it have only come very recently when I reimagined it as the home of my muses.

The main reason for the change I think is that I don't think my Ardan muses would care to live in the totally internal micro-dimension of the original USS Sevilia incarnation of the House. It got altered to something akin to Imoen's hidden cottage in the Galena mountains (between Vaasa and Damara in Faerûn) and Rivendell of LotR canon.

The House of §trange, as it has become. )

This is just a little about the place in my mindscape my muses live.

Edit: September 16, 2008 )


Jan. 16th, 2005 06:47 pm
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I think I worked out Finrod. It's simple, he's blond bimbo.

Eru help us.


Nov. 30th, 2004 06:11 pm
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Míriel Þerindë

Baka's note: I wanted to check that Þ came up if I tried to post it. Fëanor was also giving me hell for not hell for not having yet gotten around to investigating the meaning of it since he doesn't seem to like the idea that I didn't know how to properly pronounce his Ammë's name.

As I have found out, Þ is pronounced as th, so Míriel's name would be pronounced "Míriel Therindë".

I can see better now where the accusation of a lisp came from, and I can also understand why Míriel was so offended at the language change to begin with, I mean, she grew up Therindë and suddenly people started calling her Serindë? XÞ

(That's another thing, Þ is great for smilies!)


Nov. 29th, 2004 01:46 am
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namo is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Baka: XD Given my fanfic association with Stroppy Boy here... *Fëanor snarls* That result is bloody hilarious!
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*Door slams*

*Deliberately harsh footsteps walk through the halls.*

*A low string of swearing in quenya can be heard.*

*More doors slam, open and closed.*
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Ping Nata: Chat to Grandma Idril (and more than likely gain flowers from her).

Ping Saj (again): Chat with Nolo.

Chat to Túrin? Lalwendë? Turgon? Malbeth (XP)?

Some time after others chat with Celebrían (Saj again!).

Somewhere along the way chat with Galadriel (Kim).

Where are Maedhros and Maglor?

Gah! Headache! And I still need to announce my acceptance of the throne... meh! I wish that game could get an Elrond!

Jass? You think you could take up playing Gwanunig again after you're done on Nano?

Edit: Check on the chat with Nolo.
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The Twins consider the matter of fathers. Here in this place they have Ros as Adar, which Rín thinks is a good thing for their nephew to be if he has to be so much older than them.

Over in that vague direction they also have Russa, who is really nice, and Ros' twin Rond... though Rín has heard that Rond has left that place and hopes he hasn't disappeared totally, that would make Ros sad which would make Rín sad too because he likes his nephew a lot and if Rín is sad then by default Réd is sad too...

Rín wonders where he would have to go to find Rond.

On the other hand, over there, they also have Ros, which is good, but not quite good enough. Rín wishes the Silly Lady would track down his Adar's mun and damn-well RP a scene where he and Réd can go find their play Adar but Silly Lady keeps sleeping at all the wrong times...

Rín sighs and picks up his crayons again. Réd listens to his gusty sigh, knowing only as a twin as closely bound as he is to Rín what the more thoughtful half of their pairing has been thinking, and returns to his own colouring again, all sentiments agreeing with his own opinions.
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[livejournal.com profile] ubiquitous_inn just gained a whole stack of my pups as members.

Imoen was already a member but I finally got around to prodding a few more into joining - namely Aduvar, Manwë (meaning he joined on both journals), the Twins, Elros, Pityo, Varda, Narri, Missy, Crow and Kel.

No, there won't be a sudden rush of comments from all of them but they are there and will drop in some time or another.
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I found out by accident that Trillian allows multiple SNs to be on at the same time on AIM.
I knew it allowed it for IRC but then so does mIRC while AIM itself doesn't appear to (or at least I haven't worked out how to).

The comm info doesn't have SNs listed and I'm not going to put any up but I will put the here, for the record.

[livejournal.com profile] majinbakahentai - Majinbakahentai
[livejournal.com profile] aduvagorion_elf - aduvarmun
[livejournal.com profile] findekano_eu - Findekano47
[livejournal.com profile] vardagilthoniel - VardaBaka
[livejournal.com profile] lord_sulimo - Sulimo247

It was hell trying to get those two for Varda and Manwë, every coombo I could think of was taken already. If any sevilians saw Manwë's and Fingon's they'd probably recognise the numbers as well.

There is another one but it is now my private one, the one I have one when I want to hide.
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As if one stupid icon from that stupid "Prisilla" movie was enough the Baka allowed [a very ditzy incarnation of] Grandmother Idril to prod her into getting more and dumping them on my GJ.

This was the one she'd already put on.

These are the ones she's just put up.

*Groans in embarrassment*
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* Varda slaps Baka around a bit with a large trout
* Baka slaps Varda around a bit with a large trout
* Gaia shakes head
* Varda scowls at mun
* Baka gives pup the finger
* Varda eats finger
* Baka screams bloody murder
* Varda thinks mun is overreacting
Baka: you started it
Varda: You're a mun. It's not like I could actually hurt you.
Baka Errrr.... yeah.
Varda o.Ô


Sep. 18th, 2004 12:06 am
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Okay, I'm doing some bookeeping (so to speak) and want and offical record here on the comm of the non journal-owning muses, alter egoes and other mad people sharing my RL half's head.

The journal owners are easy to keep track of, I usually make updates on my own journal listing their latest doings and the latest of such is here.

Maybe I'll cross post those over here as well.

But I don't take stock very often of the others, those who I haven't allowed journals because they'd either neglect or downright spam them.

A small insight into them can be found here and here and moreso here.

But I'd like a comprehensive list, one that covers everyone, even the ones who have fallen silent or never had a major presence in the first place.

And yeah, I should cut-tag it. )

Most of the ones without journals still have complex stories behind them, AU ideas that I got and had the core characters stick with me.
Maybe some time I'll go through all of them and write out the basics of their stories.


Sep. 13th, 2004 02:32 am
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The Baka got onto Yahoo's "Doodle" IM Environment with Gaia and while in there drew this:

Nice and all but I wish she had kept the one she did of me kissing Elrohir!
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When RP'ing a sex scene where you are playing two parts in a threesome it is a good thing to keep track of where all your hands are.

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doltaghey: hey! I just saw your post about the Elves Unstructured game. :-) Who did you pick in the end, aside from Manwe?
Majinbaka: umm
Majinbaka: Fingon
Majinbaka: it was one of the names the mod mentioned
doltaghey: OMFG!!!
doltaghey: *dies*
doltaghey: I have Maedhros in there now...
Majinbaka: I was wondering how you would react
doltaghey: *g* I'm laughing my socks off. Mae is hiding. :-)

IM talk

Sep. 5th, 2004 02:46 am
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Baka: I'm just wondering
Baka: are the IM logs meta or IC?
Baka: or a mad mix of both?
Gaia: mad mix of both
Baka: so the talk of bonds between the two Vala and Elrohir is canon?
Gaia: Elrohir is taking it that way, if that's okay with you
Baka: that's absolutely fine with me
Gaia: okay
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It's interesting to look back over RP threads and see how a given person acts with a fellow pup back in the early stages of their association.

Given how close they are now I found it amusing to read over Tingilindë's earliest RP with Elrohir in T_M, back when she popped up in the middle of an evening out on Morden's tab at some nightclub that Elrohir had.

Trouble *Snerk* )

*Snerks* And "Trouble" is the least that can be said about Tingilindë!
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Elros sits, watching his two child uncles. It's good having them here, it feels like he has children to take care of again.

They have taken to drawing like nothing else, Elurín, explaining in his garbled sindarin that drawing had been one of the few things they could do, using mud if nothing else to draw on the walls of the rooms in Menegroth they had sheltered in.

They look better now, happier and starting to build up some healthy weight to them. Their hair has started to regain it's shine and their smiles - their smiles make everything seem good.


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