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Dragon Lord



Lady Time


...Just the noisy ones, and the TFs with more than just a toy muse. As for the second lot, well a few have re-awoken recently.
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Been fooling with Body Shop - these are the results.

Bhaaltwit Sims )
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The House of §trange has changed a lot since I first envisaged it and the major changes to it have only come very recently when I reimagined it as the home of my muses.

The main reason for the change I think is that I don't think my Ardan muses would care to live in the totally internal micro-dimension of the original USS Sevilia incarnation of the House. It got altered to something akin to Imoen's hidden cottage in the Galena mountains (between Vaasa and Damara in Faerûn) and Rivendell of LotR canon.

The House of §trange, as it has become. )

This is just a little about the place in my mindscape my muses live.

Edit: September 16, 2008 )

Muse Audit

Nov. 30th, 2004 03:27 am
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I haven't done one of these in a while so... :)

The heap )
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[livejournal.com profile] ubiquitous_inn just gained a whole stack of my pups as members.

Imoen was already a member but I finally got around to prodding a few more into joining - namely Aduvar, Manwë (meaning he joined on both journals), the Twins, Elros, Pityo, Varda, Narri, Missy, Crow and Kel.

No, there won't be a sudden rush of comments from all of them but they are there and will drop in some time or another.
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As part two of my post-audit elaborations on character backgrounds for my non-journal carrying characters, this time I'm getting into the Twits.

Twit is a shortening for Bhaaltwit, my personal variation on the word bhaalspawn - the Children of Bhaal, the main subject throughout the Baldur's Gate game.

(A map of Faerûn, for reference.)

Note: This is long because the Twits felt elaboration on quite a bit of the plots I built was necessary.

You wonder how they could be so silly when they are children of the god of Murder )


Sep. 18th, 2004 12:06 am
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Okay, I'm doing some bookeeping (so to speak) and want and offical record here on the comm of the non journal-owning muses, alter egoes and other mad people sharing my RL half's head.

The journal owners are easy to keep track of, I usually make updates on my own journal listing their latest doings and the latest of such is here.

Maybe I'll cross post those over here as well.

But I don't take stock very often of the others, those who I haven't allowed journals because they'd either neglect or downright spam them.

A small insight into them can be found here and here and moreso here.

But I'd like a comprehensive list, one that covers everyone, even the ones who have fallen silent or never had a major presence in the first place.

And yeah, I should cut-tag it. )

Most of the ones without journals still have complex stories behind them, AU ideas that I got and had the core characters stick with me.
Maybe some time I'll go through all of them and write out the basics of their stories.
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I don't want to be social. I don't want to talk to people.

I just don't give a bloody shit.

Don't bother trying to RP me you stupid twit, I just don't want to play.

And yes, I'll get around to the damn question at some point.


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