Nightlands: The Basalt Realms

A line of thinking to explain how a common trope dwarven city iconography could work.

Dwarven Cities, Wild Fae and Volcanic Venting )

U-Turn back to geothermal )

Nightlands: The Queen's Domain

Okay so I have been batting around the subject of the Seelie Queen for a while so I really need to pin down at least some of it. I will also say? Porn thoughts. Porn thoughts were totally going on.

Queen of the Seelie )

Nightlands: Daylands Thoughts

My thoughts on the world outside the Nightlands are mostly vague, but that doesn't mean I haven't briefly thought about it, more than once.

Before and after Nightfall, and around the other side of the world )

Random Nightlands Thoughts

So now the High Elf file is posted, I want to start in on some of my random thoughts that I can't get myself to write something coherent.

Thoughts from the land of permanent night )

Well that was mostly dragons so far.

Nightlands: High Elves (Incomplete)

This has been sitting in a file for a while and I have been thinking about little asides, but a lot of those asides can reference High Elf lore that is in this profile, so now I am posting it, incomplete as it may be.

The High Immortals )

Random Nightlands Bits from

After I decided to put Expies of the Silmarils into the Nightlands my answering panel of versions of Kizár has been joined by "Nightlands Elennárë" - Elená - who puts in little anecdotes about her life.

Here is a collection of them: In the snow, under the stars of eternal night... )

Nightlands - Nightfall

Okay, so I have a rough outline of the real history of how the Nightlands came into existence, and want to lay it out.

The Three Stars, the Sun War and the Fall of Night )

That is a rough outline of Nightlands pre-history, how they really came to exist, and the part the Three Sisters had in it. Most common folk, both Human and Middle Elven, don't know this story. Nightfall is so far back (probably about ten thousand years before Current Era) that the events have become legend and myth. Some vague idea does remain in the stories of ancient magical wars, or Moon Goddess verses Sun God, but they have drifted far off the truth. The High Elves remember, as do the Queens of the two Fae Courts, but in the case of all those groups, they tend to keep the truth to themselves.

I don't have names for all the players involved either, and those I do have tend to be cribbed straight from LotR and RB-verse, as is language, with the Quendár language taking straight from Quenya and Kessír more from Sindarin.

Nightlands Geography

So I want a very rough outline of the Nightlands layout and maybe an overview of the dominant kingdoms, political powers, ethnic groups and notable creatures.

Who, What, Where... )

Nightlands Races

I want to start outlining some races for the Nightlands, starting with Elves.

World Concept: Nightlands

I have an idea for a fantasy world that I have been going over in my mind for the last few months now and I want to get at least some of it down, somewhere.

Into the dark... )