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So I ran across a Youtube video about Succubi in D&D and there was the pictures from 5E for Succubi and Incubii and, well...


Damn, the artist for 5E got the incubus down right - that guy is hot.

Thing is, I like that picture so much it has now become my mental image for Losá and Tirin's youngest son - sans wings, horns and red eyes, and with a bit more clothing, at least when in public.

But of course, that also prompted a bit more thought on him, as out of all his siblings he had the least story. Well a little story idea came to mind, and it's a romance plot where he meets a young fae girl and gets into a relationship with her. As it turns out, she's not just any random faerie, but a human/kessír half-elf who is also the foster-daughter of the Seelie Queen... which makes things interesting since the Seelie Queen is also Redhead's grandmother - i.e. the one-time wife of the Crafter Prince and adopted mother of the Three Sisters.

And I feel I do need to say that this did become one of my porn imaginings. The general gist is, Elf Guy meets Fae Girl, they flirt, they end up in bed, Fae Girl tries - instinctively - to use fae sex magic to control him, but he beats it and the sex is amazing, and they end up in an ongoing relationship that is a weird on-off thing but still basically soulmates. Also Fae Girl's foster mother is Elf Guy's grandmother, which ends up in interesting relations with her - like she's all "You hurt my grandson, I will punish you" to Fae Girl and then turned around to immediately say "You hurt my foster daughter, I will make your life hell and also tell your mother" to Elf Guy.

But mostly sex. And stylish short red hair. Fae Girl has hair that changes colour, but her natural colour is dark.

As always happens when an idea sticks around a while, the story develops. Yes, it's still my current porn imagining, but my porn always ends up with plot.

First thought, the beginning of this relationship starts around about 700 prior to Present Day in Nightlands events - "Present Day" being around about or just before ten thousand years after Nightfall. Redhead - who yes, still doesn't have a name - is around 8000 years in age by Present Day, so something like 7300 when he met Fae Girl.

Redhead has a few issues that stem from his older brother, the one who married a human woman. All of Losá;s children had an image of a marriage to a mortal being like Losá and Tirin's, where the soulbond they had has kept Tirin functionally immortal himself, but their second son, the one who did marry a mortal, was not able to keep her from dying in childbirth, and her loss drove him to death from grief, and he has refused to return from the Netherlands (the realm of the dead for Quendár).

This left a painful mark on Redhead, making him unwilling to get into relationships, especially with mortals but even spreading to having trouble getting along with Quendár women as well.

So he meets Fae Girl and gets involved with her, but she has a tendency to disappear on "walkabout" every so often - she has to go wandering in the Fae Realms to get back in touch with her Fae side, as she's a bit of an odd case because her human mother was a total mundane who fell pregnant to one of the Seelie Queen's highest ranked courtiers. Said courtier ended up killed in a conflict with the Unseelie and the Queen took the human woman under her protection, however the human woman died in childbirth, which is why Fae Girl was the Queen's foster-child.
But the net result on Fae Girl of this mixed heritage is that she has more "mundane" in her than most Fae, and that and her faerie side can have trouble balancing. She likes the feeling of order and stability of the mundane world, but only so much before she needs a dose of fae chaos again, and walkabout is her way of getting that dose of chaos.

The problem is, early on, Redhead gets nervous and stressed out by her walkabouts, worried that she will find someone better than him - someone Fae and more suited to her fae side than he, considering his job is managing the Southern Kingdom capital city's portal hub - a role that is very steeped in order. I have a feeling he has also had a few past relationships where his reluctance has resulted in the person he was in a relationship with leaving him because they got sick of his hang-ups.

I have this idea of three or so walkabouts across which Fae Girl starts to see a pattern in his behaviour - his ill-hidden worry before she leaves, how worn out and desperate he is when she comes back, and then one of the Quendár who he works with gets snippy at her for "stringing him along", which prompts her to speak to the Fae Queen about what to do. On her foster mother's advising, before she leaves on her next walkabout, she ties a magically charged hair around his wrist - charged so it carries a small imprint of her spirit and so it won't break until she releases it - and tells him that she will come back to remove it, and while he has it, he can be assured she will do so. His attitude when she does get back is one that is not so stressed out and desperate, but still very glad she has returned.

That is only one of the early things that happens between them, as some time later she comes to terms with being in love with him, and resolving that love is not the shackle that a lot of Fae think it to be. That resolution leads up to a soulbond between them, a deep one that when his Star Fire and her fae powers are bonded, means her already very long life will last indefinitely, as long as he's alive.

Even that bond comes under fire after it's made, with Fae in the Seelie court denigrating her for making herself a slave to a "mundane", but the Queen supports her actions because she knows what it means for Redhead and his fears of a relationship with a mortal, and she will support anything that is good for her grandson.


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