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There's a little story that stems from ideas originally thought up for Lossanárë as Andraste that are now porting into Nightlands backstory, due to me deciding Losá met her husband in a vaguely similar way to Andraste.

Now first mention, Lossanárë's backstory as Andraste differs greatly from canon, probably because Inquisition added more story and I didn't see it until after Lossanárë's story was firmly rooted in my Firestar headcanon. The impression I get from canon is that Andraste was taken as a slave as an adult, probably after she married Maferath. Lossanárë was taken as a slave as a child, escaped, hiked her way right around the Waking Sea to the general Jader area before she met Maferath and ended up living with his tribe. ~Handwavium~ Lossanárë lives the life of Andraste differently than the Andraste who would have been if the Silamrils weren't there (also, that "Andraste" is in Firestar, she just doesn't have the name and is Lossanárë's younger sister).

Now the story I want to cover is an idea that Maferath's tribe had a tradition where their men would take the woman they wanted to marry to a mountain hotspring - specifically on the mountain where Andraste's Tomb would later be located - and seduce said woman. Points gained if she ended up pregnant as a result.

Nightlands story for Losá is that after her silver dragon companion had to leave, Losá started to hike southwards but along the way runs into a group of Ninquë Kessír - White Elves - who agree to escort her further south. The Ninquë Kessír head her to the upper end of the western mountains and through some of the passes to a point where they run into a group of Edan (humans). These humans are a very tribal mountain folk who had migrated west some time prior to Nightfall due to not wanting to give up their magic traditions in the face of the Sun Empire's encroachment on their homelands.

I have this idea of an interaction in this meeting where Losá uses magic to glean the tribe's language from the leader of the party they met, though with her guard not at it's highest due to the process of absorbing the language, he in turn gets a brief glimpse into her mind.

A brief aside into names, in Andraste-verse, where Maferath is still alive during Inquisition events due to not being in the Chantry when it exploded, Elenaria takes to calling him Tirin - a name based on the (Ardan) Elvish for "Guard" (#tirno) and "Watch" (where my wordlist says tirin "I watch"). (Also see similarities to "Tirith" in Sindarin.)
I am not all that fond of using the name "Maferath" in Nightlands, so for sake of a name, I am calling him Tirin based on that nickname from Andraste-verse.

Losá starts traveling with the tribe - whose name basically means "Bold Brotherhood" - as they try to find a place to settle in the newly rearranged Westerlands. It does take a while for the relationship to develop, but that mind-touch does set off a mutual curiosity turning into interest between Losá and Tirin.

They make their way down through the mountains but only really find a possible new home when they reach the point where the mountains meet the sea and find a large sea cavern has been opened up that could make a great place to establish a permanent home that is both close to mountains while allowing sea access. However the clincher to claiming the cavern as their home is that they had found hotsprings only one or two valleys up the mountains - well within a day's hike of the cavern. This is important to them because in their homelands they had strong connections to hotsprings as well, with a number of their tribal traditions involving the springs - including courting rituals.

So in a direct mirror to Firestar inspiration, Tirin eventually ends up inviting Losá to accompany him to the hotspring, her having learned about the courtship seduction tradition and happily going along with it.

In a few aside thoughts to this, "Veríotornassë" means "Bold Brotherhood" in Quendár, so it is a direct translation of the tribe's name. I have grown attached to using the name "Eldarion" as a name for the line of mortal descendants of Losá and Tirin's son (I still prevaricate between it being their eldest or second). If I pick apart that name, it looks like it means "son of the Eldar", which would kinda fit for a family line who trace their ancestry back to a Quendár fore-mother. I also think the line sometimes gets called "Sons of the Star", because of the legend of the origin of the Three Sisters.

Suffice to say the male lead in my sex pollen side-story is part of the Eldarion dynasty, which in itself is considered high nobility in the Veríotornassë, and actively count Losá and Tirin as the heads of their clan.

Another minor mention? All three of the Sisters can act as priestesses. Losá presides over any religious/spiritual event the Eldarion are involved in, and also the majority the rest of the Veríotornassë have. In that sense I think the Veríotornassë have a very close religio-spiritual link to the Quendár of Hópa Elenna, especially the Eleniquendár.


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