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The subject of the Mithril Dragon and Mithrál Dragon, and my constant thought is that there has to be three arcane metal dragons of legend. Why? Because the Arcane Dragons are the Three Sisters.

The thing that I am still a little thingy about is the third metal - my mind wants to say a black metal, which off my head I am calling Adamantium, though that is more based on the drow armour in BG2, though not light-sensitive (though Nightlands - I suspect all three arcane metals would be daylight sensitive, but not just because of the sunlight, but because the Daylands does not have easily accessible magic in the environment. (Note, I don't think the Daylands has absolutely no magic, it just doesn't have access to it, as it Ritual of Withdrawal (as I am dubbing it) basically asked the Arcane to withdraw easy access to magic from all but a protected part of the world).

I vaguely considered the name "Orichalcum" , but I like the idea of a black metal. I have had ideas of a trio of mage metals for a long time, the colours being white, silver and black, but given that the Nightlands draws inspiration for quite a few details from Raven's Blade, it's mithril and mithrál plus a third. The other thing against orichalcum is that it is supposedly a red-gold metal, and my white/silver/black trio dominates my favour.

So, three arcane metal dragons, three arcane sisters. My assignment of them is mithril=Elossí, mithrál= Losá and adamantium=Elená.


I have an extra story idea. The general concept is that someone - probably a Morin Kessír - with big ideas of conquering the north by finding what they believe is dangerous arcane super-weapon that they think they can control.

The Arcane Dragons, by Current Era, are not well-known. They are vague legends in the north and believed to not be real. The Morin Kessír - who I want to imagine is female due to ideas I have of southern culture - has found passing vague mentions about the Adamantium Dragon, and because adamantium is an arcane metal the Black Empire uses a lot, the Morin sorceress thinks she will be able to take control of the Adamantium Dragon.

The thing with this idea is that it kinda separates the dragons from the Sisters a bit, with there actually being three arcane metal dragon statues but the statues can only be brought to life by the Three Sisters and/or their bonded partners.

That last ones is a general idea in the story idea that the Morin sorceress thinks she can turn Elená's southern Edan partner to her side, because of the long-standing relationship between the Southern (Edan) Empire and the Black Empire. She wants to use him as controller of the Adamantium Dragon in her attack on the north.

Some thoughts that come up at this point is, would Shangraile be able to be temporarily controlled by an enemy - maybe that is something he allows knowing that he is merely tricking them to get to the dragon on Elená's behalf - appropriate treachery for someone threatening his long-time bonded wife.

I have a vague idea that in this bent of the idea, the dragons may have been a project of the Sisters' father. He created the dragon statues as tools that only his adopted daughters could use. The statues can be brought to life only by the power the Sisters have - the original intent being that they merge with the dragons and control them, but the detail that their bonded partner can control them is something only found out later, well after Nightfall, since all three sister only bonded after that point.

The dragons would be hidden - probably buried underground and probably not close to any of the dwarven cities. I debate whether they were buried together or separate because I also have this thought about the mithril dragon buried in the sea in the middle of the Eärelenatollë (Star Islands) and the mithrál dragon in the Númëoronti (western mountains - a mountain range on the northwestern coast with Hópa Elenna at it's southern end), while the adamantium one is in the Sunset Mountains.

I think the idea of the dragon statues is something very influenced by me going to see the new Power Rangers movie. It changed my initial idea of the sisters being able to shapeshift into the dragons into what is basically magic mecha instead.


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