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So now the High Elf file is posted, I want to start in on some of my random thoughts that I can't get myself to write something coherent.


Looking at a D&D list, I don't want that many types. I know I want the core chromatic colours, some of the big name metallic, and a few gemstone types. I have the following list, but it is still long despite me cutting it down.

Red Dragon - This is the core fire-based dragon. Lives around volcanoes and magmatic activity. Very aggressive, primary attack is by fire-breath. One of the biggest breeds.

Black Dragon - Swamp dwellers, also aggressive, acid-breath. Not as big as the mountain types, big bigger than forest types.

Green Dragon - I want to say these are smaller - like horse size - jungle dwelling dragons who live in the tropical and sub-tropical jungles on the southern coast of the north, and northern coast of the south.

White Dragon - Ice-dwellers, living in the Arctic/Antarctic and sub-arctic/sub-antarctic regions, particularly in the mountains. Can reach gargantuan size.

Blue Dragon - I want to make this one a sea dragon. Not a sea serpent, but definitely long and serpentine in body. They would still have four legs and wings though, which is what makes the dragons and not sea serpents. Can also be gargantuan, comparable in size to whales.

Brown Dragon - Just to go off D&D's template, I want to reassign this to temperate forests. This would make browns the most likely dragon to run into in the northern mainland. Like the green, it would be a smaller size on average, for the same reasons - a gargantuan beast would just not really fit into a forest setting. At it's largest, it would probably be comparable to a horse or bovine, wingspan not included.

Yellow Dragon - This one is desert (D&D has Browns being desert, while yellow is coastal). Can get to gargantuan size.

Purple Dragon - I want to keep this colour, but I don't know what environment it would live in. I'm inclined to say plains and light forest, which would have it overlap a bit with browns, but overlap in territory would make for interesting factors in inter-dragon conflicts anyway. It would be a bigger breed than the browns, but not gargantuan either.

Grey Dragon - Lives in stony regions, both mountain foothills and stony flatlands. Are not as big as the gargantuan breeds, though not small either.

Gold Dragon - A rare and aloof mountain breed, maybe a fire-breather too. Definitely one of the gargantuans.

Silver Dragon - Also a mountain breed, also gargantuan, probably the most friendly with Elves, particularly Star Elves.

Copper Dragon - May be either a plains or desert dweller?

Mithril Dragon - Almost mythical breed of an even more arcane nature beyond draconic average. Bright silver in colouring.
Mithrál Dragon - Also and almost mythical higher arcane breed, though gold in colouring.

I'm not sure about the role of these two. I want them to be a thing, but something so rare that even amongst dragons - of whom the gargantuan breeds have 5000 year lifespans - and High Elves are legends and their existence doubted.

I have decided all gemstone dragons are Fae dragons. I don't have designated habitats for them, besides living in the Fae Realms, so here is just a list of colours:

Diamond Dragon
Emerald Dragon
Sapphire Dragon
Ruby Dragon
Jade Dragon
Moonstone Dragon
Obsidian Dragon
Opal Dragon
Amethyst Dragon
Amber Dragon
Ivory Dragon
Pearl Dragon

Edit 24/5/17: I have decided a role for the Diamond Dragon - there is only one diamond dragon in all the Fae Realms. It is the sentient/sapient manifestation of the Queen's Domain, and in a way can be considered an arcane child of her and her husband.

This has given me an expanded thought about the gemstone dragons - all of them are sentient manifestations of Fae realms. Not all of them are sapient though, only the larger, and/or more powerful realms have sapient dragons.

I may need to consider more dark-coloured gemstones, to give options for Unseelie dragons who would more favour dark gemstones.

Deep Dragon - A uniquely subterranean dragon. Has several sub-breeds that vary between the size of dogs to the size of a small elephant. Usually possesses only vestigial wings that cannot be used to fly. Some breeds are blind, but their other senses make up for it. Predate on underground dwelling creatures, can come into conflict with Dwarves.

Other things on Dragons:

Though I have drawn colours and some habitats from D&D, over all I don't want to assign definite alignments to them. While I did mention Reds and Blacks are aggressive, I am not assigning "Evil" to them, or any of the other chromatic colours. I am just going to leave it that their colour is an indicator of their type of magic and that they have preferred habitats. I will say the Fae dragons are far more chaotic than the mundane ones, but that is a trait true of all Fae.

The two types of dragon I have much thoughts on so far are the silver and white dragons, as examples of both have roles during Nightfall.

The High Elves had support from dragons of most type, even some blue dragons who lived east of the southern continent, prior to Nightfall. The Crafter (Star) Elf royal family had closest contact with a clan of silver dragons who live din the mountains above the Dwarven capital city. When Losá and Elená of the Three Sisters had to rush to their key points to perform the protection ritual which caused Nightfall, they gained the aid of two of the silver dragons to get them there fast. Due to the geological cataclysm that happened, both dragons had to flee on wing, though years later were able to meet up with their respective Sister to discuss their actions.

There are two mature White Dragons who live in the arctic, near the polar peninsula, and two who live on the antarctic isle in the south. Other white dragons live in the polar and mountain regions, but they tend to be younger dragons who cannot challenge the senior dragons. Both of the senior pairs are a male and female partnership and act as guardians keeping a watch on the polar stones, even though both stones are difficult to reach.

I mentioned it above in relation to the Mithril and Mithrál dragons and how mythical they are, but the lifespan of the colours who can reach gargantuan size is between 3000-5000. The Nightlands have only been the Nightlands for 10,000 years. In that time the White Guardians - the white dragon pairs who watch the polar stones - have only changed four times. The guardians have also actively mentored white dragons who were growing to be major players in draconic society (such as it is, since it's still very bestial in how dragons fight and kill each other for territory) with the intent of instilling in them the importance of guarding the polar stones. The white dragons have really embraced the respect for the Poles and the protection Nightfall gave them.
Actually virtually all of the gargantuan dragons respect Nightfall and the Night. The smaller, shorter-lived dragons may not have as strong a respect for Night, but they are pretty long-lived with even the forest dragons having comparable lifespans to Middle Elves (1000 years).

And I mentioned that dragons have a bestial society. They are predators, they hunt for meat, they fight each other for territory and for mating rights. Some breeds are more peaceable than others - the Gold dragons are aloof, but don't pick fights and are more inclined to get into debates and verbal arguments if the dragon they are in conflict with is willing to work things out that way. Red dragons will not discuss and debate, they will go straight to fighting, so Golds - who can share regions with Reds - will fight if they run into a Red, because almost all Reds will fight. Silvers would prefer to not fight and are willing to avoid other dragons so as not to, but they will fight if pushed, and to defend their territory and to support their allies (which are frequently Star Elves, Winged Elves, Grey Elves and Dwarves, because Silvers like to settle near Elenimbë).

Well that was mostly dragons so far.


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