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After I decided to put Expies of the Silmarils into the Nightlands my answering panel of versions of Kizár has been joined by "Nightlands Elennárë" - Elená - who puts in little anecdotes about her life.

Here is a collection of them:

There is a berry called winterberry. It grows in the mountains and can be used to make tea - presumably when dried.

Magical forces include "The Arcane" and "The Stone". "The Night" can also be referred to as another, but is less wildly believed. The Night may be something only the Three Sisters can truly sense and read.

The Three Sisters are capable of telepathy. This may be an ability widely available amongst Quendár (High Elves) though.

The "Night" protects magic and in turn is guarded by the Three.

Endánórë (Midland) grows cacao and produces chocolate. These can be used to make hot chocolate drinks.

The Sunset Mountains were once known as the Khazad Mountains, before Nightfall. Khazad is a dwarven word, an endonym for their race.

The Winter Highland cats of the Khazad Mountains are a breed of white-furred wildcats that live in the mountains. In more recent times they have come to be called Sunset Cats. They have glow-threads in their fur and whiskers that can glow as well. They can be tamed and become housepets.

Elená has dumped Sunset kittens on Kári's bed.

A lot of Nightlands flora and fauna has glowing features. In animals these features can be brightened, dimmed and change colour according to mood. Predators hunting can dim their glow to move unseen. Prey animals feeling under threat can also dim themselves.

There is a plant called star roses. They probably have glowing speckles.

"Moonday" refers to the time the Greater Moon is in the sky.

The Nightlands is actually nocturnal, even by Nightlands measure of "day" and "night". This is because Nightlanders avoid going out during Moondays as much as they can, to avoid chaotic magical effects. Animals have their own resistances and typically those with higher magic will be the more nocturnal.

Unseelie have attempted to invade the High Vale - Elená's home vale - but only in the early years. They have not attempted to open a gate in the High Vale in over 9000 years. Such attacks however still happen to the southern Vales, the north will send aid when needed.

The Greater Moon once turned a man's mustache into snakes. He had used magic to style it.

The stars in the Nightlands' skies have shifted over the ten thousand years since Nightfall. Elená does not know what her star sign is.

The Three Sisters, arguably, rule the Nightlands, but do so with a very light hand. They have the influence to call the Quendár to war, or act as mediators in disputes, but prefer not to interfere with the running of various settlements. Most of the north is led by the Quendár clans anyway.

The Three Sisters may however have a continuing link to the permanent night of the Nightlands.

Endánórë has grass skirts.

The adopted mother of the Three Sisters is the Seelie Queen.

Seelie musical tastes may or may not be odd.

Elená considers the Unseelie scary.

There are a species of ravens known as Khazad Ravens. They are sapient, live in the Sunset Mountains, and as their name indicates, are closely linked to dwarves. Kári, the dwarven High King, has a flock under his protection. Presumably this flock has always been close to the dwarven royal family.

There is a species of terrestrial gastropod molluscs that can be described as "shell-less snails". They glow in rainbow colours. Khazad Ravens eat them. There is a snail farm maintained either in the High Vale or the Dwarven city for the sake of the resident Raven flock.

Elená does not really comprehend heartbreak.

Elená does not believe in fortune tellers. She has grounds for this as the Arcane does not usually show the future.

Middle Elf Names:
I did put these in the Nightfall history, but here's a clearer listing.

Kessír - [The] People. (Endonym - name they gave themselves.)

Firi Quendár - Lit. "Mortal Speakers" - "Mortal Elves". (Exonym given to them by the Quendár).

Malda Kessír - Gold Elves.
Telpín Kessír - Silver Elves.
Taurë Kessír - Wood Elves.
Rámar Kessír - Winged Elves.
Mistá Kessír - Grey Elves.
Ninquë Kessír - White Elves.
Oár Kessír - Sea Elves.
Laicá Kessír - Green Elves.
Hravani Kessír - Wild Elves.
Morin Kessír - Black Elves.
Agar Kessír - Blood Elves.

One clan of Agar Kessír (Blood Elves) has bat wings, due to some magic ritual.

Elená has described herself as a "collector of people", usually with Losá's help, as Losá will send trustworthy people Elená's way and quite a few in the past have either settled in the Vale or made the Vale their base. Those who made it their base are likely adventurers who become agents working for the Three Sisters. One of Elená's agents is her own niece, Losá's daughter. Said niece is also wife to the Night Elf lord of the equatorial Elenimbë.

In a question about her relationship with her parents Elená said "Ammá is off with the faeries" about her adopted mother. She also said "...and before that... that is beyond memory." - an indication that she considers there to be something before she and her sisters were adopted, but also indicates no clear memory of it.
Though she does say she sometimes speak with her mother.

She thinks saying that she is "older than the Night" is not a lie. (Which it isn't, of course.)

Endánórë chocolate mudcake is something she thinks of as a guilty pleasure.

Moonight is the productive time of day. She also describes her day in one word with "Moon".

Being kidnapped by Morin Kessír just after Nightfall is something she says had a big impact on her.

Elená and her partner Ciaran have sometimes dared the effects of the Greater Moon for the sake of fun.

Arelenimbë has an observatory that stands above the crystal cliffs of the vale, however it still remains within the arcane shield that protects the valley. Elená likes to go there when she wants to be alone. She likes to study the stars and contemplate her origin.

All three Sisters are lucky to meet up once every 10-50 years.

Elená does not think she has been jealous.

She has a fondness for dark greys and star-like sparkles in her wardrobe.

She has no real preference about skin colour, since her family has a fair palette of it. She can even tolerate obsidian (Morin Kessír), if it's her niece's liege-men.

Discussing her nephew's love-life with her mother will cause blushing. Walking in on her parents in bed will cause speechlessness.

"Fairië" is and ancient Quentá word meaning "free". Implication being that it was adopted by the Fae in the context of "free spirits", and has since become a loanword in Quentá Adan and thus altered into "Faerie".

Elená chose Yoda as the Star Wars character that she is.

Elená spent a continuous month and four days awake while a captive of the Unseelie just after Nightfall.

Elená thinks well of how she was raised.

Elená has access to the Queen's Domain - the private Fae realm of the Seelie queen. Given that her parents live there, not unexpected.

Elená form-shifts - that is to say she can assume other humanoid forms, including a Ninquë Kessír (white elf) one.

Elená does not think being single was a curse, nor looks back on being single badly. She does like being bonded to Ciaran.

Elená says the greatest application ever is the application of continent-sized protection spell to a region of land.

Elená has said the Unseelie would use the saying "All's fair in love and war" as an excuse to turn a person inside out while keeping them alive and in agony.

Elená has stated that the positive health effects of sunlight is replaced by magic energy.

If Elená had to change nationality she would chane to the Southern Kingdom or Hyarmenya Elenimbë.

Elená tends to go on walkabout soon after Kári's death. Meanwhile she considers such walkabouts as giving the best lessons in life.

Elená says Sunset Cats and dragons are her favourite four-legged creatures. She does specify Silver, White and her mother's Diamond dragon.

Elená calls doxies the most annoying insect. Doxies are actually Fae creatures, however they are more inclined to be Unseelie.

Pizza is a food that exists in the Nightlands, Endánórë chocolate can be used to make pudding, the Morin Kessír have some sort of jerky that is a mystery, and pickles also exist. Elená has encountered a pizza with pudding, jerky and pickles on it.

If Elená were a Youtuber, she would make videos advising Daylanders about how to cope in the Nightlands.


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