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In the mind of not losing track of Wishes-verse scenes, I have decide to set up a new post for it.

This universe is based on this fic, only the ending goes a bit different.

RB-verse Crossover: Anvari and Kizár head into the Deeps to find the Green Haven, but things go awry and they end up in another world.and After defeating Azog in Kélan's world, he and Kizár find out why Kizár and Anvari ended up there.

Soon after Kélan saves Boromir's life.

Boromir is healing. Kélan takes care of him.

Boromir and Kélan talk about where they will go, after the war with the East.

Elennárë is content with her life.

After returning west, Kélan has a big secret, huge worries, and a stone-sister wanting to help.

Kélan and Boromir head for their new home.

Stoneverse crossover: Wolfstone Hall echoes with another life and lives cross in dreams.

Here's a couple of other pieces - an independent piece and the start of a new 'verse.

When Boromir died, he found his existence had only just begun.


The Captain, the Stone and the Arcane Smith

Solo of Boromir contemplating love

Faramir concerned with his brother

Arrival in Osgiliath

Meeting Shakurán

Elennárë and Shakurán - they talk and Shakurán decides on his life.

Boromir and Kíli - talking about matters, including Shakurán and Elennárë's identity.

Breaking Bonds, Making Bonds - Shakurán breaks bonds, and makes a new one with Elennárë.

Taking Shape - Kíli makes a shapeshifting frame for Elennárë and while doing so sees into another world (Quest-verse).

Faramir has heard about the lady at Osgiliath and comes to see this rumoured sister.

Boromir goes to speak to a man he hopes will help him with Elennárë's cover story.

Finalizing Elennárë's Backstory - Introducing Baranorand Elennárë and letting Faramir know.

Talk between Boromir and Kíli - the arrangement between Gondor and the Hidden Kingdom comes up, with the contract allowing a marriage between a dwarf man and a Gondorian man, plus mention of dwarven male pregnancy.

All About Brothers - Faramir speaks to Kíli about his relationship with Boromir, and Elennárë speaks of the memories from Elenaria.

The Lost and the Found- Anvari comes home from a trading journey with something to show his father, Thirán.

Family Reunion - Thiránand Anvari come to Osgiliath in search of Kíli.

Thirán and Kíli talk.

Planning to Go North.

Elennárë and Anvari- A conversation on a winter's night.

Trees and Kings - Elennárë talks to the White Tree, and to Faramir.

Winter In The White City - Anvariand Boromir chat.

The White Tower - Elennárë follows the trail of her senses and ends up in a serious discussion with Denethor.

The Hidden Kingdom - Kíli, Boromir, Elennárë, Anvari and Thirán come to the hidden Dwarven kingdom in the White Mountains.

Ravenér - On the way west, through the Dwarf Roads, Kíliand Elennárë sense something and find the grave of someone Elennárë knows.

Solo: Boromir and Elennárë talk.

Askíl - Askíl is awake and he and Boromir talk. Elennárë joins them a little after.

On The Way North- Some talk about various things while traveling.

Elennárë hopes.

Talking with Lossanárë about Rivendell

Talking with Anvari about Bilbo (short-form replies.)

Returning to Rivendell

Boromir and Kíli meet with Dwalin and others.

Elennárë and Anvari meet with Yarion.

Meeting with Aragorn.

A bit of talk between Anvari and Elennárë about her family.

The thought of what he faces has been getting to Boromir.

Someone is watching Wolfstone Hall, and those camping in it.

Wolfstone Hall echoes with another life and lives cross in dreams.

Elennárë thinks about her dream.


Beyond the Fall


As of 14/01/15I move Quest-verse to " The True History of Andraste" post, since Quest-verse now has the "Firestar of Thedas" plot in it's backstory.


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