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Okay so I have been batting around the subject of the Seelie Queen for a while so I really need to pin down at least some of it. I will also say? Porn thoughts. Porn thoughts were totally going on.

So, to start with, the Seelie Queen is Nerdanel!expy.

The idea behind it is that when the Fae first start appearing in the Westerlands, they are causing trouble, even for the Seelie (or what would become the Seelie), which was causing problems because it was distracting from the war against the Sun Empire.

I have a thought that at least one of the Seven Princes (i.e. expies of Fëanor's sons) got killed in this conflict - probably one of the middle three. That death is the cause of the face-down where the leader of the Fae ends up fighting single combat with a champion of the Westerlands - specifically Nerdanel!expy. She trounces him.

The result of her winning that fight is that she gets declared the new ruler of the Fae, taking the title of queen.

Now as a bit of an aside, I have mentioned that the Fae live in numerous mini-worlds in an other-world realm collectively known as the Fae Realms. Current Quendár thought considers the Fae Realms to be in part of the Arcane that is close to the mundane world.

The Seelie territories are centered on a realm that is a city - one that is made up of a chaotic mix of numerous styles - with a castle-palace in the middle. However the palace is a semi-separate realm that is both in the city but also it's own realm (probably the most obvious evidence of this is that the inside dimensions don't match the outside dimensions).

But inside the palace is another nested realm - the Queen's Domain.

The external footprint of the Queen's Domain (the space it takes up in the palace) is a residential wing of the palace, but the internal dimensions are far greater, managing to be larger in area than the palace it is linked to.

The Queen's Domain came into existence due to Nerdanel!expy exercising her new powers as Queen. However it came into existence as a side effect of her doing something completely different.
Nerdanel!expy found just after becoming Queen that her new Fae powers, in conjunction with her priestess abilities, allowed her to hear far deeper into the Netherworld than she had been able to hear before - deep enough to hear her husband.

(In an aside, even the Netherworld has levels - with the newly dead being close to the living and easy to hear, but the longer a soul remains dead, the harder they are to hear, or if they are particularly traumatised, they will sink into "the deeps" quickly.)

Nerdanel!expy uses her new Fae power to pull her husband out of the Netherworld and into life in the Fae, but in a weird reaction between her powers, the Fae Realm and the Netherworld, a new realm bubbles into existence around her and her husband as a living body forms around him. It quickly becomes evident afterwards that he cannot leave this new realms - a realm that is under her complete control to shape. She sets about shaping it into something that can be a comfortable home that her husband could live eternity within, creating a castle, grounds around it, caves under the main part of the residence.

In the following centuries Nerdanel!expy starts collecting people who gain her attention who she grants residence in her Domain, some on a part-time basis while others permanent residence.

- Mind you, those aforementioned porn thoughts? Totally about the post-death relationship between Nerdanel!expy and Fëanor!expy. -

A secondary idea involved in this is a small side story about the twins - the youngest two of the Seven Princes.
Now the youngest son was killed very early in the war with the Sun Empire - a rather clean death, all in all, and Nerdanel!expy finds a way to bring him back, in a way similar to his father, if not quite as restricted as he can go outside the Queen's Domain.

The other twin? Nowhere near clean.

The second youngest went missing late in the war, after engaging with the Unseelie, and presumed dead because at that stage both the Empire and the Unseelie had found methods of killing the Quendár in a way that is very traumatic, driving them so deep into the Netherworld that they quickly drop totally out of reach-ability by any of the priesthood.
However the fate of the second youngest prince is even worse - he was taken captive by the Unseelie and kept by them as a "play-thing". By that point the Unseelie had also figured out that they couldn't outright rape a Quendár without them dying, so had figured out that if they could manipulate a Quendár into consenting to what is done to them, they will not die, if pushed carefully.

His situation is not found out until the first post-Nightfall war with the Unseelie, and by that point he is very badly damaged, so much so that Nerdanel!expy takes the only solution she believed could be taken - she kills him, but with her joint priestess-Fae powers catches his soul and tucks it away in a nook where the Queen's Domain butts up against the Netherworld - a place where only she can truly reach him so that she could watch over him through his rest and healing.

So Nerdanel!expy is Queen if the Seelie Court, Fëanor!expy is alive, but basically trapped within the Queen's Domain, though he does not resent that. Their youngest son is alive, but not so restricted, though he cannot leave the Fae. Their second youngest is dead, very badly traumatised, and hidden in a corner of the Netherworld that is close to the Queen's Domain so she is able to hear him with her Quendár priestess abilities.

Of the family members who are alive in the mundane world, practically all of them know of these circumstances and are likely to be in contact with them every so often. Losá's youngest son is in a relationship with a foster-daughter of Nerdanel!expy, who likely spent most of her childhood in the Queen's Domain and thus knew Fëanor!expy quite well.

Edit 24/5/17: In the "Random Thoughts" post that basically ended up a list of dragon types, I listed a selection of gemstone colour dragons and gave the thought that they were Fae dragon types. I have had the thought that there is a sleeping dragon in caves under the palace that makes up the Queen's Domain, as something of a guardian of some type.

The thought I now have is that this dragon is the only existing Diamond Dragon, and it is a sentient/sapient manifestation of the Queen's Domain. It also acts as a guardian watching over the integrity of the Domain, which implies there have been attacks on the Queen's Domain before - likely from the Unseelie.

This diamond dragon, being sentient and sapient, can be considered the eighth (or eleventh?) child of Nerdanel!expy and Fëanor!expy.

It does make me start to also consider ideas that other gemstone dragons are, like the Diamond Dragon, sentient manifestations of Fae Realms, so even the Fae Realms are at least sentient. Probably only the larger and/or more powerful ones are sapient, and while the Queen's Domain is not that big, physically, it represents unique power.

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