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Half-Elves do exist in teh Nightlands, but they are, for the vast majority, half-Kessír.

Most half-elves occur in cities with mixed populations, with the Kessír race with the highest likelihood of mixed marriages are the Telpín Kessír - the Silver Elves. The Telpin did not have the sort of snobbishness that the Malda (Gold Elves) had. The Malda could have half-elves, but the over-all superior attitude of the Gold Elves tended to result in half-breeds being looked down on and eventually driven out to find a place in more welcoming groups, with one of the most common groups to take them in being the Telpin.

Taurë Kessír - Wood Elves - are far less inclined to live in mixed cities, mostly living in forest towns and settlements which they only really share with Lómaquendár - the Night Elves.

Rámar Kessír (Winged Elves), Mistá Kessír (Grey Elves), Ninquë Kessír (White Elves), Hravani Kessír (Wild Elves) and Laicá Kessír (Green Elves) are all groups who live in remote areas and don't see many humans. The Ninquë are arctic and antarctic nomads, Hravani Wild Elves are also nomads, the jungles the Laicá live don't get a lot of humans and those they do are Men of the southern Empire, who do not highly approve of half-elves.
The Rámar and Mistá live in the most mixed communities as both tend to live in and around the Elenimbë and have strong relations with the Eleniquendár, but the Elenimbë do not have much human presence in them. Also, crossbreeding will destroy Rámar flight ability. There have been a few instances of Mistá/dwarven crosses but they are extremely rare as to be notable for their rareness.

The Oár Kessír (Sea Elves) have been known to crossbreed, but more often with other Kessír races than humans. They have been known to have rare and highly honoured crosses with merfolk and are more likely to cross with the Sea Fae as the sea realms tend to be mostly unaligned wild realms.

Morin Kessír (Black Elves) have a strong belief in racial purity and look on "greyskins" as lesser citizens, more because people of the lighter-skinned races are often slaves in the Black Empire.

Agar Kessír (Blood Elves) are not a racial group but a cultural one. They can have members who are not Morin, though those Agar are often trained to be spies and infiltrators. The Agar clans who have turned against the Black Empire may have higher numbers of non-Morin members.

Sun Elves are odd cases as the loss of their magic has strange effects on children. A Sun Elf/human joining is likely to produce a child who takes after their human parent. A Sun Elf/Kessír joining within the Nightlands will produce a Kessír child who may be weaker in magic than average, but it depends on how long the Sun Elf has been so, if they are from a multi-generational Sun Elf family or a first generation loss.


The Quendár almost never marry mortals and the few cases where they have tend to have had tragic endings when the mortal partner has died. The two exceptions are two of the Three Sisters, Losá and Elená, whose Edan partners have gained a functional immortality due to their arcane bonds, but this did not extend to Losá and Tirin's second son, who lost his human wife in childbirth and died of a broken heart. The aforementioned immortal state of Tirin and Ciaran are considered something linked to the unique oddity of the Three Sisters.

There are rumours of another high profile Quendár/human marriage with eventual tragic results amongst the Lómaquendár, but the Night Elves are stand-offish about the tale.

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