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I have been turning over a HP idea, but like so many things that I keep and turn over for a while, it grew huge and frankly, from what I know from my time on the Hobbit kink meme, big detailed plotbunnies often never get picked up. It's the simple ones that get picked up, maybe because simplicity makes them easier for writers to work out their own way of writing them.

So anyway, I'm dumping this one here so I can, hopefully, put it to rest. Sometimes writing something out does that.

When the Potters went into hiding, Lily Potter went into overdrive, researching spells and rituals in an attempt to find something more to protect Harry with. The Fidelius might be all very well, but she still had her fears. In some old books of the Potter family she found a ritual that would cast a powerful protection on Harry in the event of her death.

She cast it wrong and unleashed something unexpected.

The ritual she found was a later derivation of a ritual from ancient pre-Merlin times that was used to make a witch into an avatar of Magic upon her death.

In pre-Merlin times british magic was almost all wrapped up in long, complex rituals that often involved blood sacrifices and were practiced and controlled by the druidic priesthood. Magic as a whole was considered something holy and when a child was found to have magic they automatically became a priest or priestess, or their magic was permanently bound.

Amongst the various rituals was a surprisingly simple ritual where a priestess could offer herself up as a vessel for Magic on the event of her death. This ritual was used as a defense against attackers as once incarnate, Magic would carry out the priestess's last wish and go on to perform whatever great task it found within the priestess's mind.

The existence of Merlin actually came about as a result of this ritual. Having had the example of the Romans whose magic users served the empire. Britain's kings ruled on sufferance of the druidic priests and the druids could remove them at will. Kings were fighting against this, trying to neutralise the power of the priests, attacking religious centres and killing them in large numbers.

One priestess, after surviving such a slaughter, used the ritual to offer herself to Magic, wanting to bring about a great savior who would put a stop to this trend. When another attack caught her and she was cut down, Magic took her over and rose in her place and went on to conceive a child who would become known as Merlin.

Merlin did do as intended, he put a stop to the slaughter by convincing first Uther Pendragon and then his son Arthur to accept magic in their kingdom.

However Merlin also made an extensive study of Roman magics and was the one who started the turn away from the ancient ritual magic to simpler spells any magically talented person could perform with a simple focus talisman. This gave rise to a new movement that would once again distress the druidic priesthood - the separation of magic from religion. This also encouraged the growing presence of Christianity in Britain, as it was argued that if magic was not dependent on the old religion then it could be practiced by God-fearing Christians and therefore was not evil.

Morgana le Fey, King Arthur's half-sister, had early in her life been taken to become a priestess and grew more and more distressed by the grip Christianity was gaining in Britain. This let her to start fighting against it, and by extension fight against her brother who had embraced the new religion. Part of her fight included going through the ritual to offer herself to Magic so that should she ever fall, Magic would incarnate within her and continue on fighting. The exact point when Morgana fell and Magic rose in her body is unknown, but can be surmised as when her fight stepped up in intensity. It is believed that Mordred was conceived after the change.

Morgana's fight eventually failed, as while her efforts eventually led to Arthur's death, Christianity's hold remained secure.

The book Lily Potter found was one that originated from the Peverell family, where a descendant of the infamous Three Brothers believed that the ritual to incarnate Magic was a key piece of how they created the Deathly Hallows and that the famous children's story was an allegory about how dangerous creating the infamous items was.

Lily took the ritual she found, but performs it slightly wrong, ending up inadvertently performing something more like the original ritual. When Voldemort killed her, she rose again, now controlled by Magic, but only after he had already attempted to kill Harry and had his body destroyed.

Now Magic, in Lily's form, with Lily's memories and dying wishes, is out to track down Voldemort's spirit and rid the world of Death Eaters. Unfortunately, that is not all Magic wants to do.

Despite the fancies of some, Magic is not a sapient power. It is, in it's natural state, slightly sentient though, and keeps a memory of everything that has ever happened and been done with it. It is only when someone uses the incarnation ritual that Magic gains the intelligence and the borrowed personality to act on everything it has a memory of.

What Merlin started, streamlining magic into something simple and easily usable, giving rise to widespread use of wands and simple incantations (often based in Latin, due to Roman influence), regulated magic, tamed it, all but destroying wild magic as it ha once been in ancient times. Add onto that the Pureblood ideology gradually destroying the ability of pureblood wizards and witches through inbreeding and the restrictive control over half-bloods and muggleborns through bigotry, and magic as practiced in the 20th century is now a weak and paltry thing that the incarnate Magic is heartily furious about.

Magic wants to rip down the Wizarding World and bring back Wild Magic, and she will start by tearing apart pureblooded society, then Hogwarts, then after that the Ministry of Magic.

An alternate idea, because I am a huge fan of Powerful!Harry (or just Harry in general) and not so much of Marauders in general, is as follows:

When Lily did the ritual to protect Harry, she not only accidentally revived the Vessel of Magic intent, but unknowingly offered Harry to be Magic's vessel instead of herself. Voldemort kills her, then tries to kill Harry and the ritual's intent becomes active, with Magic not only protecting Harry but also settling inside him.

However because his body and mind are mostly still undeveloped, Magic cannot do much, so when he is delivered to Dumbledore, Magic cannot do much and Dumbledore, noting how high Harry's magic is, puts a block on it before leaving him at the Dursley's.

The side effect is that Harry mostly grows up not being able to access most of the abilities being the Vessel of Magic would grant, but he might have a few minor things (things like being able to control his accidental magic, mage-sight and fast healing). It is not until he gets his Hogwarts letter that things start changing - perhaps the Goblins notice some trace in him that indicates he's a Vessel and set about to aid him, or something during his first year causes the block to start to fall. As the block falls, the ability to read information left behind in standing magic fields becomes available and Harry comes to understand his Vessel status and realises the problems the Magic World has developed (restrictions on what magic is allowed, pureblood prejudices, pureblood inbreeding) as well as the problems surrounding him personally (I am fond of Manipulative!Dumbledore, so that could mean Dumbledore deliberately letting Sirius be jailed and sending Harry to the Dursleys so he would be easily manipulated into doing Dumbledore's will).

As is the way of a Vessel, Harry decides it's his job to do something to fix what is wrong with the Magic World, even if that means bringing the current Magical government crashing down.


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