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I've mentioned it a couple of times in connection to how Kataryia started seperating from Carol, but I feel should elaborate.

I will say this: this is old canon for Caroline Task, like, way back even before I made her one of my Space Police on the Base. This is back from the self-insert advantures I thought up when I was 14, so if the story is a bit daft, blame it on my age when I created it. I refuse to dump it from canon however, because even as daft as it is, it's so much a part of Carol, and is the only story I have for her fragments/soul-sisters, particularly Rachel. Never mind that Rachel has got new canon, that new canon works with the old anyway.

Anyhow, the Tolsaral is a very magic-steeped world that has all sorts of magically-caused weirdness in it. One of those things is the near-legendary Cave of Souls, which is reputed to hold a crystal for each and every living soul in the Tolsaral. Carol and her close friends (including my own avatar) decided to go looking for it, just for shits and giggles. Carol was young at the time, she was up for shits and giggles.

They found it.

The ones in the group who were Tolsaral natives went looking for their crystals and Carol found hers and started acting like a complete berk with it.

She dropped it. It shattered.

No, I make no excuses, Carol was an idiot about it.

Anyway, Carol was knocked into a coma, but the unexpected thing about it was the creation of dozens of "fragments" from it - people who represented parts of Carol's soul/spirit/personality who were linked to one of the pieces of the broken crystal. Rachel was the second largest piece (the largest was Carol herself).

Rachel at the start was not exactly sensible - the fracturing was a very traumatic experience even for the Fragments - and she thought Carol was dead, or as near to as to make no difference, and she was Carol's replacement. She wouldn't listen to anyone who said anything otherwise. They transported the comatose Carol back to Unicorn Valley, and Rachel takes over Carol's day-to-day duties, still convinced Carol is never coming back.

Carol wakes up.

This knocks Rachel for a loop and she goes a bit crazy and ends up running away. In the aftermath, Carol works out issues left behind by Rachel, and the other fragments (there's only a few that have names, Hagara Dracorine, a green dragon, Cyi-Alla Meharni, a telepathic cat, and a few others I don't recall off-hand).

Rachel is not seen for several years, until one day she turns up again, practically out of the blue. She's been off living somewhere, with folk who helped her come to terms with herself and work out who she is, instead of just thinking herself to be Carol 2.0. She settles into Valley life, find a place for herself, and she and Carol worj out how they relate to each other and become something like sisters, even refering to each other as such (at least up until they salt themselves into Earth-space society, where they set up their back-history to show themselves as first cousins).


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