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I feel I need to put the story of Nina, Tarlia, and their friends here, along with how they ended up involved in the dimension war, and how things unfolded after that.

Inspirational Origins

In 1997 I started a Tafe course in industrial sewing. Baseline stuff, how to use an industrial sewing machine, how to all the basic seams and such. I didn't finish the year and ended up flunking out. I feel I still came out of it with a functional knowledge of sewing, though I have never used it much. However one of the things to come out of it that wasn't part of the course was Trixi Maple and her friends.

Trixi (full name is actually Asterix) started out as a simple doodle in my notepad that I took class notes in. I was going through a stint in my drawing where I reverted back to stick figures, but not the awkward stick figures of childhood, elegant perfected stick figures. Trixi was actually the second generation of this, with the first generation being a pair of dancers, one human, one Teslarsadri (football head!).

So, as apparent, Trixi was the first. She had cute perky pigtails. Most of the early pictures were just her wearing outfits that came to mind (sometimes things that came up in class). Soon however it expanded to include her friends - I forget most of the group but there was Malli who had a head of frizzy blonde curls, Brinni who had a 60s-ish bob, Nina who had dark hair she wore pulled to one side and hung over her shoulder, Tarlia, Nina's cute blonde kid sister who started out with long pigtails.

Based on being in that sewing course, the background that formed for them was that Trixi's mother was a seamstress who worked in a smallish clothing business owned by Selene Donovan. Trixi was friends with Selene's elder daughter Nina, who was a bit of a teenage snob, but not so bad she couldn't get on with the more free-spirited Trixi, as well as Malli, who was a bit of surfer-girl. All three frequently watched out for Nina's kid sister Tarlia (who was around 8 or 10 years younger than Nina, as well as having a different father). Later Brinni also joined, she being a bit of a... well I'd rather not use the label "slut" but she was pretty free with her affections.

Then Trixi found she had a natural ability to travel to other dimensions.

Someone gives them some magic rings that allow the others to tap into Trixi's ability and they go dimension hopping in their spare time and somewhere along the line find their way to Teslarsadri.

To explain, Teslarsadri is a planet in the "Base" story - the universe where Jerry Bumstead is commander of a small communications relay base on the colonial frontier. Teslarsadri is a world that some years prior, Caroline Task found an open gateway to, from the Tolsaral (her home dimension) - specifically the gate was found in a cave in the northwestern part of Unicorn Valley. Carol worked out that it was probably made by elves trying to escape the last great elven war (some 4000 prior), and the Teslarsadri are likely the descendants of mutated elves.

Anyway, Trixi and her friends came to Teslarsadri and ended up making a few friends, the two dancers Perriaine (a human) and Cha'Rala (I think, I need to find my old notes to be sure if that's her name) and Tsiera, a shy bookish Teslar.

Suffice to say, the girls were on Teslarsadri went the war started and helped fight of a sneak attack on the planet that was an attempt to get to the dimension gate to the Tolsaral (and thus striking not one Defender homeworld, but two). They became significant figures in the Home Guard, those who watched and defended home base.

Now some time around the same time I was in that Tafe course, I also had a mid-teen return to Barbie dolls. Quite a few of my dolls got given names, more often then not ending up branches of an extended family - the Morganstein family. The first member of the family to be named was Roz Morganstein. Roz ended up part of a huge family of 10 siblings. She was in the younger end of the family, and there was at least one niece of one of her older siblings (Charley, I think).

Trixi got linked to this group through Nina, Nina's father was one of Roz's brothers -a Jason Morganstein, I think (again, notes). Tarlia is not a Morganstein - at least not by blood. Those in the family Nina is close to consider her one for being Nina's sister though. The Morgansteins don't have a high opinion of Selene though, she got into a relationship with Jason, he was utterly in love with her, then she dumped him for no apparent reason at the time (later opinions have that Selene found she was pregnant and for some reason thought that getting married to Jason would block her ambitions).

BTW, Roz owns a small club.

Anyway, things take a turn for the weird when around the age of 13 Tarlia completely vanishes for a month. Then Nina runs into her... and she's an adult.

Because this is all in a modern-world-where-magic-suddenly-appears dimension, it would cause too much of a fuss for this to be publically known so Tarlia creates a teenage avatar who slips back into her teenage life, but now there's also the adult Tarlia around, as well as her collection of odd friends she found while she was gone.

That group had something like 8 or 10 people in it, including a dragon (she could take a human form), a feral girl, an interdimensional priestess (Peliona Talimon), and Harliquin. Most of the others either returned home or found places to go in other dimensions, but Peliona and Harliquin both stayed with Tarlia.

(And by "interdimensional priestess", I mean Marr Crassa Peliona Talimon is a Nexus priestess and carrier of one of the copies of the Book of the Nexus.)

Along the way they also meet one of the fighters from the war, Tael, who has lived a lifetime since the end of the war, got married to Jerry, had a daughter (Selaarhnya), and seen Jerry die. Tael has been wandering since then, coming to terms with the recently discovered truth that she's a Keeper, and a reincarnation of her friend Caroline Task (Jerry's first wife who died to end the war).

Harliquin takes an interest in Tael and eventually reveals her more communicative side, Masquerade (aka Mikaela Pridain), eventually letting Tael know she has connections to Tael's Keeper family (and eventually that she's part of Tael's Keeper family).

Harliquin is also instrumental in keeping Tarlia - who is in truth a walking doomsday weapon - from breaking down and/or going critical, practically reconstructing her from the ground up to fix the instabilities in her.

From there it becomes a slow unfurling of family connections when Daani turns up one day, then Oraania and Mareph, then Mikaela starts finding the defences on the Door that keeps the High Demon Queen imprisoned are slowly breaking.

Some time in there Tael encounters Jared Bennett - a reincarnation of Jerry. Nina starts having strange memories turn up but for a long time tells no one, but Tael eventually starts to see the effect of them, realising she's missed something big in Nina - she's Rachel, Caroline Task's soul-sister.

Events amongst the Keepers start to speed up as the Lock starts to crumble, Tael is introduced to Keeper life, the Lock falls but Andrion (Keeper High Lord) gets Briieth (his wife, who had been powering the prison) out. Andrion's brother is found hiding as a human (going by the name Nathaniel Cullen, though his Keeper name is Nathanius), after investigating something in a dimension she'd run into one of Jared's past lives (and it went badly) Tael realises Nathanius (Andrion's brother) is Eric Mirrilton (husband to Rachel, some-time lover to Jerry as well).

Then Nina goes missing, to turn up at the first big meeting of the Keeper Royal Council at the side of Malacus Quaadron, Andrion and Nathanius's eldest brother. Turns out Nina is Kataryia Quaadron, baby sister of the Quaadron brothers, who went missing as a young child.

Nina's life is a huge mess and she's soul-bonded to her older brother, her soul-sister is also her niece, and said sister/niece's bond-partner is one-time ward of her father/Nina's brother.

And Tael's cousin starts hitting on Nina's eldest brother.

Tarlia find this mess hilarious. Roz just finds it all weird when the whole of Nina's other (Non-Donovan) family land at her club.
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